Thursday, August 31, 2006


While I doubt anyone reads this communique, I do try to build into my writing generalities on our location or contract target. However, anyone that is spying on us will surely know that we are in Beke, Genesis and have war declared Crest Tech corp. Our client seems to be very happy with our performance thus far, and while we are on, the gates are clear for any industrial traffic.

Crest Tech sounds like a familiar name...I wonder if they were part of the Fountain Alliance like us? Not sure on that one, but must try to find out at a later date. Regardless, the fighting has been sporadic, but overall fun...mainly because we are shooting ships down, but also being hired to fight someone that will roll the dice and fight back once in awhile. The first night of the contract nothing happened as we were just probing each other to see what sort of ships were in the area. However, over the next 48 to 72 hours we have engaged and destroyed over 5 warships, and even a few pods. Crest Tech seems mainly Caldari...and while I generally fear their combat technology, nothing is better than good old fashion Amarr Armor.

Beke itself is a very interesting system. Only 2 stations, 2 gates, and countless corp station installations around every moon. The general rule in Beke is, if you warp to a Moon you die. We plan to scout it regardless just to see what is going on here...but my bet is that Beke is a large T2 component manufacturing area. It is flanked by high security space...sort of a POS oasis in "green" area. I am sure the local pirates here are very rich due to the traffic that comes through the sector.

Crest Tech joined the Pirate Coalition Alliance after we had war declared them. I am sure we did not cause was probably already in the works. Regardless, our client has very deep pockets as he is paying the upgraded war declaration fees .

Sometimes its good to be a Merc..."fighting broke" seems to have taken on new meaning.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Domino Jobs

With our successful conclusion of our last contract, we quickly got another offer for mercenary services in a different region. These "Domino Jobs" are sometimes unavoidable, as you really cannot refuse good isk and a chance to further build your reputation. Luckly, the guys seem up for another challenge...and it looks like our next targets will be challenging. Maybe we will lose some ships in fleet fights this go around.

We still need to do some rebuilding, and get back on our strategic plan. I dont think anyone is in a huge rush though as it deals with the mining and production side of the business. Still, everyone knows its over the horizon.

Our target region is one I haven't been to a very long time. I might get some sightseeing in while on this job, lord knows I need some more screen captures for the database.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Contract

The OEC has accepted a new contract...which is a good thing, as I think my guys were getting itchy. Although the contract was for less money than we normally take, its a good thing to go stretch the legs. Our target corp is "The Eleventh Commandment", which seems to be a shadow corp of an industrial corporation that we cannot identify. It seems they are looking for a bit of mischief with stolen IDs (read: carebears with alts). We see this all the time, and in fact its a good source of mercenary work.

We have no bad feelings to [-11-]...but this is business. Last night we drew first blood on a routine patrol that ended up in Jita. Zipp0ny's Crow crew must have been surprised to find itself scrambled and drained fairly quickly...and it could not escape like so many interceptor ships do these days. We hope the battles go this easy in the future...lord knows we have been fighting some hard ones this year.