Thursday, April 27, 2006

War = Profit?

Conventional wisdom states that War is good for Business. At least that is what my Caldari agents say...and since war is my business, you would think profits would be through the roof. Sadly that is not come to pass yet.

I lead a band of pilots that have sworn their services to the Mercenary way of life. Not converted pirates and brigands, but true professional mercenaries. It is something of an anamoly in the world of Eve. Most 'mercs' are simply bored pirates and other misfits that are just looking to start wars to keep them entertained. The group I lead...the O.E.C. strives to be different.

Being small time mercs is definately a tough job. Since we don't have the billion dollar contracts that larger mercenary alliances have, we have to suppliment our income doing mundane things. This leads to turnover and inactivity...but generally a group of hardcore pilots stays with it, and reaps whatever unexpected opportunities come about.

This blog is mainly just to record life as a mercenary...and all the trials and tribulations that associate with it.

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