Thursday, June 01, 2006

R&R...or is it?

We have completed our last contract and have returned back to one of our favorite backwater systems for some much needed RnR and money making. We were surprised to find that it is not so backwater anymore...with all sorts of trade ships running in and out of the constellation as well as many moon bases up. While a slight cause for concern, the bigger concern was the corporation Hookers and Blackjacks seem to shoot us on sight. Not a great way to start some RnR for the guys.

While we have sparred with them over the last week, being in empire space and they being in an alliance makes decisive battles much harder. We will have to bring in more hardware to properly protect our operations here while still looking for opportunities in the region. While we never showed hostilities towards them, they seem to have a "shoot first" policy in place.

Maybe in the future we can reconcile our differences and share the resources in the area of dispute.

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