Monday, November 20, 2006

Contract Update

We march to the final weeks operations with measured success…something I am proud of not only for the OEC, but for the individuals leading the charge in destroying ASCN shipping. Last week, we located an ASCN transport hauling two ships within its cavernous shipping bay: A Hulk which exploded during the attack and a Phantasm…which survived. Since we did not have a pilot on hand to fly the Sansha ship…we elected to destroy it as well so it would be unrecoverable. Add to that the number of Local Hull cargo expanders fitted, it was in excess of 800m Isk loss to our target. Within the next 48 hours, we destroyed an ASCN Damnation that seemed to be fitted by a rookie straight out of the Academy. Not sure what standards ASCN high command are using to let in member corporations, but it is clear they are lacking combat skills in Empire space (although I am sure they run competent fleets down in ASCN space). Domain region in Empire space has been totally ravaged by our combat patrols. It is a wonder we still see any targets...I can only surmise they lack effective communication between their member corporations in their alliance.

Still, all work and no rest will get to anyone. I believe the guys need a break after this contract. We plan on retaining our Beke policing duty contract…as well as finishing our first strategic plan initiative goal. Once that is completed it is a time for us to return home…and I do not mean where our current HQ is located.

The Phoenix constellation is calling us…rife with war, blood, and of course untold is a place where we have longed to return. We were born in the ashes of the phoenix’s fire…and we shall return to that nest by year’s end.

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Orontes said...

Just finished reading your blogs: very enjoyable. Keep up the good work please. I look forward to hearing what happens to your corp.