Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forks in the Road

In my travels, I have come to many forks in the road. Decisions that must be implemented and they effect several months of operations. Additionally, I have to rely on my cadre of leadership within the corporation to get whatever goal or mission we have assigned done. I have a commendable corps of veterans that seem harder than the rocks off Skargi Cove back home.

It is in typical fashion that one week ago the OEC entered into the age of alliances by forming the “Legionnaire Services Ltd.” mercenary alliance. We have partnered with a powerful industrial entity that should leverage us into the capital ship operations that we need to grow into. This is to compete for better contracts, and station removal, which is a very lucrative business. The business of war is increasingly dominated by the capital space, and it would be unwise for us to not travel down this road for some time. But it will take a considerable amount of time as we are pilots that are skilled at small skirmish warfare.

While doing these things, we have seen a number of members move on to other corporations. This is of course a direct reflection on me and my leadership. I must do better in the future to retain our talent, and although it is difficult leading such independent people, it is essential for our corporation’s survival. Our attrition rate has historically been high in comparison with other corporations, but not many mercenary organizations have been around as long as we have. Maybe it is because we have less flare and glamour than others…just a slow steady pace towards achievement.

Our operations are still consolidating. We have repositioned our main assets to protect our new alliance industrial base. While we have some fleet assets in the Fountain region, it is extremely difficult to operate there as it is an unmitigated warzone of the likes I have never seen personally before. While our path is destined to base our operations in Fountain, maybe that is one fork in the road for the future, instead of the present.

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