Thursday, May 10, 2007


“Fools are the providence of Fate” was once a common saying in the old tongue, long before the expansion of the empire. It was said that “all destiny is fueled by the schemes of foolish men”…and I cannot help but ponder that in regards to the current state of politics within the Eve Cluster. Eve War I is what they are calling it, but no Empire forces have yet entered the fray. It is a war in the far reaches of space, south of the Amarr Empire…and deep into Blood Raider territory.

Many pod pilot alliances have waged war over the last 6 months here, but I have a feeling that a true titan of change is about to happen. The Band of Brothers has (by far) taken the best punch to the chin that anyone has ever given them, but they stand firm and resolute. It must be disheartening to those that have promised the destruction of the southern alliances and corporations only to have failed up to this point. Like stabbing a raging Bullnok but missing his heart...a real war is definitely coming, but it will be bloody and bold with many alliances falling.

The epic scale of it all is still something I try not to participate in. HUD problems (ie lag) are notorious for non-fleet issued warships operating in such large fleets. The DED is rumored to press aggressively to keep this in place as pod pilot alliance could then threaten one of the 4 empires. No, I am content in running my small patrol operations in the southern sectors of Genesis looking for pirates and brigands to keep my men sharp. The hunting has been very good this last few weeks, and we have been obtaining some great wreckage from the ships…including Corpum class armor repairs. I can see why the allure of piracy is so promising.

Of late, it seems we have been put on notice. While we are just simply doing patrol operations to keep sharp combat wise, we find we are engaged less and less. Even when we were outnumbered 4 to 1, we did not see any action on last night’s patrol. My guys are a bit disheartened, but we will find targets closer to home I think as some old ‘friends’ seem to be moving back into Beke. I know the OEC are looking forward to the combat, but I hope it does not devolve into the typical station/gate games that were seen in the past.

But of course, that is all up to the Fools…for which the course of much past history has already been written.

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