Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back to Merc'in

The LSD moves into is first real contract of its existence in less than 12 hours. Our client has purchased our “Targeted Alliance Asset Reduction” services for a period of time, and we have filed the proper charter with CONCORD to get our declaration of intent legalized. Mobilizing an alliance is far less paperwork than when running a corporation, so instead of 48 hours it is only 24 hours until we go ‘weapons free’.

Our target is the E.A.R.T.H. Federation, a fairly large alliance of just about 400 pilots that should provide us with plenty of targets throughout Empire space. While we will never underestimate a target, our intelligence department labels them as a ‘soft’ contract. I have my doubts however, but hope to be proven wrong.

For Time Cube Syndicate, a new brother in arms, it will be a combat test to see if they like the style of fighting we do in LSD, as well as if they like the mercenary contracts we pursue. I hope they latch on to the alliance concept, but I recognize that they form the logistical aspect of our venture. Still, it is good to see pilots outfitting ships for the coming battles…I have no doubts about their will to achieve.

I will report more once the contract is under way. I have quite a few valuable fitted ships on the line, and my hope is that they will be severely tested in battle. It is the Amarr way…and the way of the LSD.

Contego LSD!

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