Thursday, May 01, 2008

MC's True Spirit

“A warrior’s true spirit is only determined the moment before his defeat.” – Old Amarrian saying

The last month has been a busy time for Band of Brothers. What started as a minor invasion of Querious turned into a full on route of Coalition forces. In fact, at this point in time I believe the “Coalition” has ceased to exist in any sort of military capacity. All the northern alliances have retreated back to their home systems and are now dealing with their own local threats. The number of moon installations captured and destroyed by GBC forces is staggering…including several outpost stations.

Querious is now firmly in GBC control.

Like I previously thought…this was a near death blow to the Mercenary Coalition, completely cutting off their access to the logistical train in Empire space. While all intel reports stated that we would next go for the MC controlled C3N sector and outpost located there, we instead drove deep inside the MC core systems. 1-N sector is where we ended up and started our assault. As of this writing we are currently in siege and dismantling their sovereignty 4 claims. This will take another week to complete, but the damaging effect on the MC membership is already evident.

What I have witnessed from MC is nothing sort of disappointing. Insurance fraud, suicide operations, and general lack of military fortitude have severely diminished my once high opinion of our foe. How could MC fold this easily is an entire mystery to me and my fellow grunts on the front lines. As always, it seems to be a lack (or complete failure) of leadership from first impressions…but if things continue, MC will be known for folding faster than ASCN. A title I am sure they do not wish upon their resumes.

Regardless, MC has now ceased being an effective combat unit. They will never carry another contract of any note if they finish this way in Period Basis. This is the moment of defeat for a once proud lion of the south…it is almost a shame that it is by our hand, but a necessary task due to the nature of their betrayal.

I often marvel on how I can predict the strategic moves having no access to command level intel...and I fail to see why MC did not plan for this coming storm.

Operationally…my activities have been light this month. The battle for QY6 several weeks ago exhausted my crews, so I pulled back for a much needed break. The EVOL Blackguard is getting refit with a larger defensive array that should help it survive the battles once we push out of Period Basis. I have been in talks with the logistics unit in the GBC to coordinate command bonuses to our armor repair fleet. I hope we meet unbridled success.

Currently I am fighting in a Harbinger class BC…which most crews lovingly refer to as a “Glass Cannon” due to its high damage output, but weak defensive measures. Still, it helped destroy a Tortuga carrier just a few days ago, but we will see how long it lasts.

All in all…the last 45 days have been nothing more than one cleanup job, with the exception of taking QY6…which was a bloody affair. Maybe sometime soon I can recount those times, but not too soon.


Equium Duo said...

I really engoy your blogg, it is well written and whilst obviously a slightly biased opinion, the rp stuff is great,

Kirk said...

Great posts, I think this is what CAOD was suppose to be ... to bad its not.

Anyhow keep posting!