Friday, July 28, 2006


Supremacy Corporation has recinded their war declaration against us. We haven't been really fun targets of late, and the loss of 2 dreadnoughts are still fresh in their mind. However, it looks like they have bigger fish to fry up north with we wish them luck on their hunting. Never figured out if they were a Merc corp, but they sure act like one.

I have returned to recruiting. Still having a small inactivity problem...but when I went to go clean out the membership roles, noticed that most of our members have logged in recently. Maybe everyone's schedules are out of whack. Still, having some luck on recruitment...going to hopefully sign up 3 more members this week.

We will be rebuilding while at our home system for awhile. Our hope is to be operationally ready by this fall for some more mid-sized contracts.

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