Monday, July 17, 2006

Winds of War

It seems that even when we try to take a break, the winds of war follow us. Due to our POS in Aridia, it seems that our friend list grows shorter by the month. As a merc, I can certainly understand the lure of the isk and what it does to professional relationships...but never the less, we will continue operations, even with a whole region shooting at us. Word is that the Imperium is trying to muscle all the nuetrals out of the region.

A week ago, Supremacy Corp declared war on the O.E.C. While not unexpected, as we noted their movement into our constellation, we grow tired of meaningless combat (especially when we are not getting paid to do it). Our month or two of R&R is definately not turning out as planned.

As predicted, Supremacy Corp launched an attack on our POS and put it in reinforced mode. However, what they did not expect was our welcoming party 18 hours later. With the essential help from RKK, and old friends in various alliances, the destruction of 2 Dreadnaughts and over a billion isk of battleships commenced. O.E.C. forces lost a Zealot, and a few scout frigates...but our ambush was a complete success. Supremacy has learned the first lesson in POS warfare...when attacking a POS out of reinforced mode, your enemy knows where your dreads are. Very predictable, and the end result was catastrophic for them.

Still...there was no smacktalk on the local freqs, and I salute them for that. My sincere hope, however, is that they end this petty war.

We are also recruiting again. Having some inactivity problems, and that needs fixing in a big way.


M'buku said...
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M'buku said...

A member of Supremacy here.
I'd have posted sooner, but only just found this link.
The war apon yourselves was because we were bored, and you were there.
Nothing personal, and you may have considered it pointless or petty, but to us it was something to do.
As for the seige on the POS, It's alwas a risky move.
The "welcoming party" you had in the form of a log on trap consisting of 40 BoB was considered way more petty than your same description of our war on you.
The 1bn worth of battleships was also an over estimate too.
The true loss was quite alot less than that. Added to the fact the ships we did loose were all 100% insured. And we killed way more than 1bn of BoB's battleships. Gotta say Those Machariel's died real quick.
Overall, considering we fought an unexpexted logon trap 2:1 outnumbered and outgunned, we won the fleet battle in the system.
The loss of the 2 dreadnaughts was quite a loss, but also 100% insured.
Nothing we wouldn't do again. Only next time we'll expect the log on trap.

Karash Amerius said...


There was no logon trap at all. We had a covert ops pilot right next to your dreads and RKK moved in from Nema to Ajna. The OEC does not use logon traps.