Friday, September 29, 2006

New Contract...Same Client

The OEC has moved into its first ever "Retainer" contract. This comes from our former client during the Beke job, and we happily accepted the generous offer. With the dramatic drop in pirate activity in the sector, it made more sense to end the war upon CVTEC and go after any -5 pirate in the area. Even gate campers with better than average security rating can still be locked...letting them know they cannot tank both the sentries and OEC ships at the same time. Already a handful just simply moved on...leaving the gates clear for trade ships.

The contract against CVTEC was a good one. My guys learned quite a few things...including the superiority of the Dominix in small scale battles. We adapted well, and always pushed the fight when even numbers were on.

We have now the resources to concentrate on our rapid deployment strategic plan. Already the logistics are coming into our main area of operations in preparations for some industry we are setting up. Once this is done, I think we will work on acquiring a capital fleet. There is a lot of isk to be made in POS removal.

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