Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ASCN Thoughts

It has been a full week now at war with ASCN…and the results are mixed at best. While we have more numbers of kills…we have lost some quality ships in the process running into huge fleets of ASCN. Obviously, when a small skirmish patrol of 3 ships runs into 12…bad things are bound to happen. We will continue to prosecute our contract however, and the target knows that their transports are not safe in the major trade-lanes.

War in Eve is always evolving…and from my perspective, is moving towards larger and larger fleet operations. While the OEC has always specialized in small roaming kill fleets…those days maybe numbered. Group tactics have focused increasingly on numbers rather than tactics…much like the Asarihi did against Amarr Prime back during the bloodwars of 5 generations ago. Amarr adopted those tactics all the way up to the disaster against the Jove Empire…now they are rethinking strategy.

CONCORD has alerted the Empires to this…and all Empires are now refitting their fleets with higher grade armor and shields. This increase should be well over 50% in defensive capability…which adds to the frustration of small skirmish fleet tactics. Still…war, as in life, always forces you to adapt to your environment. The OEC will hopefully be no different.

We are still not fully rolling in my eyes…we have a lot of room for improvement. At this point, I honestly am at a loss in how to improve our situational awareness. Some of the new guys will just have to learn as they are baptized by enemy fire as I cannot restate common tactical advice for the 20th time.

If current operational results last for the duration of this contract…our client will be receiving a payback of 25% to 50% of the contract cost. How many ‘Merc’ corporations would do that?

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