Monday, October 16, 2006

Blood in the Water

“The business of war is often unpredictable…but the risk vs. reward is pretty constant.” – Anonymous Caldari weapons trader.

Unpredictable events set in motion are probably the specialty of any true Mercenary organization, but the ability to leverage political gain out of such events is the real value to clients. Large scale conflict is like blood in the water…many corporations are drawn to the scent of destruction and mayhem…something I think most large alliances are finding out this year.

Acendancy Frontier (ASCN) completed its first Titan class warship a few weeks ago…in fact, probably the first privately held Titan outside the major governmental navies of Eve. A huge accomplishment sure…but the lack of foresight in having one of the most aggressive alliances next door, the Band of Brothers (BoB) and what their response would be is a colossal failure. Less than 72 hours later the two alliances were in full war footing…and those of us in Empire space started reading of massive battles on a scale not seen since the Minmatar uprising.

Little did I know, the OEC would be pulled into the conflict…an event both fortunate and foreboding.

A new client buzzed me in regards to the situation in the south. He wanted to leverage this, which happens to be our specialty…but he was also looking for quality without the huge “MC” price tag. Since we are a small outfit, our prices are small. Looks like the sharks are in the water now...and I confirmed with a few other small mercenary commanders that they too are getting offers for one side or the other. After negotiations…the OEC stands to gain a lot from a contract in this war, but I would be dishonest to say it will be a walk in the park. We will fight hard and with honor.

And so the dice are sometimes thrown at fate’s grinning bust…Good luck to the Hunters…and Glory to the Bold.

The OEC war declares ASCN in contractual agreement with one unnamed client.

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