Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fountain Core

Fountain is a warzone…plain and simple. While the BoB alliance claims control over this region, the core constellation of Phoenix is heavily contested. There are many corps and alliances per side, and my men are being tested under fire. Some of the newer recruits I may have to send back up to our bases in Aridia until they learn more situational awareness…but we also have a need to patrol our space up that way as well. Overall, the OEC has performed admirably…especially since we have skirmished heavily outnumbered most times (but not all).

Aftermath Alliance and Coreli have been the utmost of professionals…especially Coreli. It has been a pleasure sharing fleets and operations with such dedicated pod pilots. Joshua Foiritain runs a very tight ship with very experienced pilots. Aftermath is a new alliance formed from various Fountain corporations in the area from what I can tell.

Our known enemies in the area are fighting uphill now I believe. Still….Celestial Apocalypse proves a more than worthy adversary. We would not win the area of battle if it were simply a dual between our corps. Our efficiency in the campaign is hovering around 60%, with more battleship kills but also more battlecruiser losses.

Overall, this has been the right move for the OEC. We needed to get back to our original base of operations…and start gearing up for larger things. I have suspended my training of leadership curriculum to instead train from some more CEO functions….most notably Empire Control. In the future when we form the alliance planned, I will have this ready to go. Already a very strong and powerful industrial corporation has expressed interest in partnering in an alliance. If so, they would form the required industrial backbone of such an enterprise.

With the OEC securing some 0.0 space, this has a hint of destiny…but I suppose it is a pity I believe in self determination.

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