Friday, February 02, 2007

Unforeseen Circumstances

Our campaign in Fountain has raged for a good full 3 weeks now. The membership is glad to be home, as well as having access to our old hunting grounds. Serpendis has beefed up their pirate patrols, and CONCORD has responded in kind with larger bounties.

We have been fighting alongside Coreli and Aftermath for the most part. Xelas typically stays up north in their stronghold of PNQY. Fountain Core is a complete warzone, but the ‘friendlies’ seem to control the tempo and traffic at most times during a 24 hour cycle. Last night we trapped an enemy Vindicator in a nearby system…but he was able to elude probes with the help of his escort pilot flying a Falcon.

And I suppose I should address the attack on our POS operation in Aridia by the Mercenary Coalition.

A week and a half ago, our only POS in Aridia was put in reinforced mode by 6 dreadnoughts from the Mercenary Coalition. MC forces stated it was just business, and a valid contract…and we took them at their (CONIN) word. We decided to take down the POS and was given an extension to do so. In the meantime as we were waiting for the Strontium core to run out…we did our usual intelligence gathering.

What we found was in a word…disappointing. OEC High Command now believes that CONIN (MC) just hired ‘itself’ through a shell corporation as an excuse to attack our station. While this maybe common in the Eve Cluster…I had held the MC corporations to a higher regard as this is also my profession. I suppose that is what I am most disappointed about…the lack of professionalism. If CONIN wanted our station, they should have just stated outright they were taking it….not giving the appearance they weren’t hired by their alt corporation (verified via employment histories, forum postings, etc).

I am sure they will disagree with our conclusions, which is fine. We do not have solid 100% proof…but none is needed in my book if the gut says one thing, and the eyes back it up. So in turn, we simply reinforced the station with a larger tower, large guns, and more shield resistance arrays you could shake a Matari whore at. Disrespect begets disrespect…and even though this is a side issue for us and the MC, I doubt it will wash away any time soon.

The time has been kept us away from defending Fountain Core, but we are slowly back in business there. While I fully expect the MC to come back and finish their job, they have since held off doing so. My only hope is they rethink their plans for our station…as we surely cannot defend it against a full MC attack being such a small organization that we are.

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