Friday, February 09, 2007

High Stakes Poker

While I normally do not comment about ongoing events here, I feel that I must put some ‘pen to paper’ on recent happenings. We have been playing a game of poker CONIN it seems, and their unaligned sister corporation Space Fyad (SF). After reinforcing our own moon with a large POS, and capital sized weapon arrays (the large projectile station is larger than my Maller), we decided to wait a week and see what would happen. As I predicted, the MC are extremely busy up north on a very large contract, so CONIN did not show up to re-engage our POS operations. Not wanting to stand idly by and move into a garrison stance, we decided to attack the Space Fyad POS in the same system.

We arrived to a large Minmatar station with no active weaponry or defensive structures…just the shield. While 45 million hp rating shields are extremely difficult to bring down with no dreadnaughts, the OEC completed this task. As of this writing the POS has come out of reinforced mode, and a CONIN carrier has jumped into system and positioned itself at the enemy POS.

This confirms the bogus contract status in my eyes…but again I hope to be proven wrong in the future.

I have never disputed the fact that the OEC cannot possibly ‘win’ against a full CONIN attack in the system. We simply do not have the manpower, experience, and equipment to make an effective defense (this blog is named 'fighting broke' for a reason). That stated however, I think it would be extremely unwise for this situation to get out of hand…seeing as we still view the entirety of MC as friendly. I have given orders to the OEC membership not to engage MC outside of our operations in Aridia.

What will happen over the next 72 hours no one fully knows…but our plans are in place. My hope is that the OEC is calling a bluff and not an ace high flush.

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