Thursday, January 04, 2007

Preparations Complete

“Concerning military matters, the commanders best prepared are not always the victors. They only are able to react to the fast changing pace of battle. Those with innate tactical abilities often pass for being prepared…only to flunk the mid-term as the first Tachyon beams hit their hulls…” – Instructor Ralsa Dumas, Imperial Navy

It has been a ‘tough’ month for me personally. I never much liked the logistics part of running a corporation…and thank god I have a competent quartermaster that handles most of the load. However, it still is my responsibility to prepare the OEC for the coming months. Whether or not I ‘flunk’ the mid-term we shall see in short order. As I write this, I take a break from outlining our operational orders and watching OEC crews prep our ships for combat in the dry docks.

We have had a good run as of late. While I consider ourselves still “fighting broke”, we have had an excellent retainer contract to keep gas in the tank. Our operations in Beke shall continue, but at a much lower frequency now. Several members have installed jump clones to the system to do patrols a few times a week. Speaking of patrols, we bagged a few more brigands in the system this week…including a Megathron class battleship. I have also learned that CONCORD has arrested a well known pirate in the system finally (read: permaban). Not sure why they finally decided to act…probably something about illegal isk wire transfers. To be honest, the best pirates are the smart ones…the ones you don’t hear about often. They just ply their trade in the shadows. Pirates out to make a name for themselves usually end up broken in the end. Overall, Beke is looking far more secure than it was 3 months ago…and I am glad we helped to that end.

Still, a mercenary corporation cannot sit still for long. Boredom is the enemy of all professional mercs everywhere…and we shall have a great deal on our plate. More on that in future communiqués that I will save for later…as I cannot discuss pending operations.

The OEC has welcomed some new recruits recently. I am sure they are about to experience a baptism by fire. We have some excellent raw talent, and my hope is that they latch onto what the OEC is about, our professionalism, and our goals. My corp members do not have to be the most skilled, but they have to be dedicated to the team and our accomplishments.

On another note, the fitting of the OEC Blackguard is still progressing. I must say, the Khanid paint covering a prophecy hull fills the soul with much imagination. While my aim is not to get too close in combat with the ship…it will definitely inspire fear among our enemies when viewed up close. We are still running capacitor simulations trying to figure out what a good fit will be with full Armored Warfare capabilities…good thing I am a patient man.

Looking across the drydock at the OEC ships, I wonder how many will make it into next year...much less next month.

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