Thursday, December 21, 2006

Musings of the Epic

In this "off month", I have been constantly watching the cluster Gal-Net trying to catch up on all the political and military debates going on. When you are so focused on the contract or mission at hand, you sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture around you. As a leader of a corporation, you simply must not allow this to happen or you lose out many opportunities that pass your way.

The level and scale of warfare currently in the cluster has never been bigger to my memory. Capsuleer alliances and corporations are almost fighting wars as large as any Empire war in recent memory…certainly larger than the Caldari / Gallente war. Right now in the south there are huge capital fleets of the Mercenary Coalition and its retainers against the Red Alliance supported by the Goonfleet armada. The recon intel HUD captures are amazing…reminding me of my old service upon the AMN Octavian when I was a fighter pilot near the Matar boarder. ISS alliance seems to be funding the current conflict against primarily IAC alliance…and all the neighbors are getting involved. BoB finally destroyed ASCN's Titan in combat...a feat that is historic and will prove to be very rare. Things are really shaking down in a big way in the South.

As grand an adventure that may be…the logistics, command and control, operations, and conquest of such ambitious plans I can not comprehend. The sheer size of the MC is something of an achievement considering most mercenary chartered corporations dissolve within a year. As a professional in the field I salute them and hope they do well in the coming months. I have no doubt they will be successful.

While contemplating what epic wars must be happening in the South regions of the cluster, my thoughts turn inevitably to the OEC. While our long term strategic plan calls for the OEC to join or create a new mercenary alliance in the same vein as the MC, do we really have the commitment it takes to achieve such greatness? I know the guys hearts are motivated and ambitious…maybe I doubt my own abilities on something that grand of scale.

I was approached in the last 48 hours about forming such an alliance, but with our plans of operation over the course of the next few months locked in, I highly doubt we can join. Still, I told the contact I was interested in advising the creation and hammering out a charter. It may take well over 3 months to come to a solid foundation of policy for such an enterprise. It is something that will eventually have to be done for the OEC to remain competitive and increase our contract sizes; at least we will not be getting bored any time soon.

ASCN is melting finally under BoB pressure in the south. I like to think we had a small part in that…and maybe we did. We definitely harassed ASCN shipping in the trade hubs. I suspect it will take BoB another 2 months before they can fully ‘cleanse’ the regions of ASCN military assets.

Nothing much to report as far as daily OEC operations go. We continue to have successful escort missions for our retainer client…and earning some fat bonuses in the process. Everything is still set to kick off after the new year…and we happily march towards that date getting our logistic goals completed. We also brought in some new recruits that should give us some new blood in the ranks.

Overall a very successful, if uneventful, month.


Lord Dynastron said...

TAC Coordinator Amerius,

As always, I take pleasure in reading your communiqu├ęs regarding your current, and future, activities. Given your admiration of the Mercenary Coalition (MC), I find it somewhat surprising that your team did not consider joining the most prominent Mercenary alliance in the Eve-Verse. Your command experience is second to none, no doubt your decision to form your own alliance will benefit your men (and countless others) more-so then joining the MC. My corporation is going to be forming a combat wing in the near future,, perhaps our fledgling wing could be considered for alliance membership?

Fly Safe,

Lord Dynastron
Lord Knight Commander

Karash Amerius said...

Hey Lord Dyn, thanks for stopping by. I think the main reason we have not approached the MC for membership is that we are still very much a "small time" corp. While the future is never destined, I doubt we will join MC unless they really needed another corp in their ranks.

I would much rather form my own Merc Alliance...but as stated, its a monumental task to do it "correctly".