Thursday, December 14, 2006

Of Logistics and the Coming Storm

Our ‘off contract’ duties have now picked up the pace, and we are completing a few tasks that have been in the works for quite a long time. Moving corporate gear…the process of logistics…is never a fun thing for a group that has a military bent. But my guys know that the backbone of any successful military venture is its supply. More wars have been won and lost due solely to supply issues. Hopefully this month we can ‘reload’ after fighting for months on end to take on our biggest challenge yet, even more challenging than hunting ASCN supply lines.

Hoshoun office has been stripped clean finally; it was like a savings account plan. Some good ship equipment was located there, but we never got around to moving it back to HQ sector. I was reunited with my old supply moving ship, a Coercer class destroyer named OEC Commitment. With the DED changes, it has become vastly more useful…but in need of a good refit. I know the ship crew has gotten lax is my absence. With the gear moved out, we will keep an office there for the short term. We are still on friendly terms with CVA…but I do not know how long that will last.

While we are off an active duty war contract, we still have a retainer contract. Our guys performed some much needed guard duty for a mining operation last night. We hope to plan more this month as the guard duty bonuses are actually quite good, and worthwhile. I remember back when pod pilots first started in the cluster…a true mercenary charter was never successful. Now it seems the fruits of all that dedication are paying off.

Still, it’s fairly easy to get ‘soft’ in this off time. But the guys need this break for what is about to come.

Over the course of the next year, the OEC will finally get tested to the breaking point. All the wars have led up to this point in our history. We will be fighting among the heaviest of combat against fleets that will outnumber our size at least 2:1…sometimes 3:1. Our focus and discipline will be severely put to test…and it could well break us. I have no illusions of destiny…we either win or lose in the coming months. Overall, the OEC is ready I believe…and our guys will be baptized under fire for a new kind of warfare they have not tasted in a very long time. We will have friends and allies, but our success is solely determined by us and our ability to impact the theater of war we will be entering.

While musing about future, it is often hard to think what might happen. But regardless of what does…I will be among brothers. Contego OEC!

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