Friday, September 28, 2007

Releasing the Mantle of Leadership

"In some must release what you wish to control, to learn what you cannot." - Laranitus Digitus, 4th Circuit Sage

The OEC and to a lesser extent, the LSD have fallen victim to the biggest threat to all mercenary organizations in the Eve Cluster: Lack of Contracts. The combat pilots, not having any way to prove their worth, have moved on...and in many ways, my stewardship of the group has failed. While it was my ultimate responsibility to keep forging ahead, I did not have the personnel to effectively build a large scale combat outfit. We hit our wall, and it killed us.

Still…life goes on for all pod pilots. Sometimes the curse of the pod, but this time I think its mearly a blessing in disguise. I have taken Evolution’s long standing offer for me to join their ranks in a hope that I might learn some larger warfare tactics and common problems associated with conquering vast regions. Even if LSD succeeded, I had no large scale or capital tactical experience. If anything, this will provide me with that in spades.

While I am not fully set up yet, and have a long way to earn my way as an effective member within the group, I believe in the communistic approach to how things operate. While most communistic endeavors fail, often quite notably in spectacular fashion…Evolution is the corporation that pulls it off effortlessly. I think it has to do with all members buying into the meme that your assets are nothing…but your collective legend is everything. It is an honor to be in their presence, and I hope to only add to their glory.

I still keep tabs on the mercenary business…it is in my blood, there is no denying it. Maybe one day I will form a new venture…but at the present, I am focused on helping my new corpmates achieve their goals. I should have more time to reflect here on my experiences in the Cluster.

So for now, I am the ex-merc captain…but fittingly enough…I am still fighting broke.

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