Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Fall of FAT

Since joining Evolution, and the Band of Brothers Alliance...the pace has been hectic. Gone are the days moving logistics for personal means, they are replaced with long and arduous operations. I have focused my operations near the system of FAT-6P in supporting efforts of our assault on that system against IAC Alliance. The fighting has been fierce over the last few weeks, but we have finally broken their back in the system and claimed the outpost there.

FAT was a great first battle for me…as I am used to small skirmish warfare, having the full brunt of large scale battles play out before my eyes is definitely interesting.

The macro-tactics involved at this scale of warfare is hard to comprehend. Capital fleets pushing 100 ships, supporting freighter operations, POS assaulting and defenses...all are epic in scope, and just to be supporting these types of engagements is an honor for any combat captain. I am sure many Amarrian Sages would relish the opportunity to witness what actually happens out in the rim sectors...oh the stories they would tell...but the secrecy of command is what is most impressive.

In every operation I have been part of, I have had no idea what our end goal was. Spies and espionage play heavily in this new realm...something that tactical fleet commanders do not take chances with. Information is always the most valuable resource in it is used, and acquired is of the utmost importance for any leader. One minute you are simply escorting freighters from Empire regions to the outer rim…then it turns into a full system assault 14 jumps later upon IAC Alliance.

I am learning a lot about this type of warfare, but for the meantime I am content on just being a ‘grunt’. Hopefully I can earn the respect of my corpmates as my journey continues in the outer rim.

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flashfresh said...

Been reading your blog on and off and pity that you had to move on as CEO. At least you are fighting broke!

Am interested in stories from the front lines especially the great southern war.

Keep it up.